As a professionally trained proofreader, I will thoroughly review the final version of your document by:

  • correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • checking consistency of style (eg -ise or -ize spelling, names, capital letters)
  • checking consistency of layout (eg headings, spacing, paragraphing)
  • checking chapter headings against the table of contents
  • checking the position of tables and illustrations and that their captions match with the text
  • checking cross-references
  • querying repetitive, contradictory, ambiguous or unclear text
  • highlighting anything that requires further action.

Depending on your requirements, I can proofread:

  • on paper using British Standards Institution’s proof-correction marks (BS 5261C:2005)
  • on screen using Track Changes in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat DC commenting tools for marking up PDFs.

If you’d like to find out more about proofreading, please read the frequently asked questions on the CIEP’s website.