Are you a publisher looking for a reliable proofreader?


  • Proofreader since 2018
  • Proofread over sixty books


  • Fiction: adult fiction, Caribbean fiction, children’s fiction, contemporary fiction, crime, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, poetry, science fiction, short stories, thrillers, YA fiction
  • Narrative non-fiction: autobiography, biography, memoir, self-help, travel

 Recent Clients

  • Joffe Books
  • Papillote Press
  • Sandstone Press
  • Troubador Publishing Ltd
  • The Book Guild Ltd
  • JJ Moffs Independent Book Publisher Ltd
  • Hanover Press
  • First Story


  • On-screen proofreading: Track Changes in Microsoft Word
  • On-screen proofreading: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for PDFs
  • Hard-copy proofreading: BSI proof-correction marks


  • Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)
  • Passed CIEP Basic Editorial Test
  • Trained with The Publishing Training Centre and attained Distinction for its Basic Proofreading by Distance Learning course

‘I’ve been really pleased to add Tania to my pool of proofreaders for fiction. She is always completely professional, punctual and precise in her work. I know I can always rely on Tania’s eagle eyes and thoughtful comments to improve a manuscript beyond merely picking up typos. I’m very happy to recommend Tania to anyone looking for a keen proofreader.’
Emma Grundy Haigh, Editorial Director, Joffe Books

‘Tania completed a proof read within good time and in good detail. Her edits were thorough, demonstrating both her experience and her in-depth knowledge of proof reading. In particular, I was impressed by her dedication to keeping the manuscript consistent, with meticulous page references of any differences between spellings throughout the manuscript. I would feel confident working with her again.’
Hayley Russell, Publishing Assistant, Troubador Publishing Ltd